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Top Features Of Split System Air Conditioners

Top Features of Split System Air Conditioners

If you need to cool down a small room, apartment or office, a split system air conditioner could be the right choice for you.

Split system air conditioners are just what the name implies: they are composed of an indoor unit that pumps cool air into the room and an outdoor unit containing a compressor that removes the heat from the room.

These types of air conditioning system are easy to install in existing buildings, where it would be difficult or impossible to install ducting options.

Here are some of our top reasons to consider installing a split system air conditioner:

Easy to install

Split system units only need a small copper tube and some cabling for installation. There is no need for ducting within the internal walls, and this means that your air conditioner can be installed cheaply and quickly, often within a matter of hours.

No huge, ugly outdoor units

The outdoor compressor for your air conditioner can be placed close to the wall of your home, keeping the appearance of your property neat and tidy. It can be installed up to 30 metres away from the indoor unit, so you can choose an inconspicuous place for it to go.

No windows needed

Some older air conditioners needed a window for installation, but this is not the case with a modern split system unit.

The compressor can be installed high on a wall, right out of the way. Even if your room does have windows, you don’t need to sacrifice your view by installing an air conditioning unit in it.

Low cost

Wall-mounted split system air conditioners are excellent for investment properties because the cost of purchase and installation is very affordable.

Once installed and set to the correct temperature, your new split system air conditioner can continue to save you money by minimising energy costs.

Easy to maintain

Split system air conditioners are almost maintenance-free, needing only a filter change every month or so. Some filters can even be cleaned and replaced in the unit.

Maintenance is so simple that it’s easy for both property owners and tenants to keep the unit running smoothly. If you do think that this could be a challenge, ask us about our regular air conditioning maintenance services.

They’re quiet

Split system air conditioning units don’t have large motors, so they don’t make as much noise as larger systems. This makes them perfect for areas like bedrooms and studies because there is little noise to interrupt sleep or disturb concentration.

The timer feature means they can be set to run only at particular times of the day or to maintain a set temperature in the room to provide the most comfortable temperature.


You may not realise that split system air conditioners can be used to heat a room when the weather is cool. They are a safer option than gas or electric bar heaters because they are wall-mounted up high away from small children or pets.

They can also be set to maintain a consistently warm temperature, so the room doesn’t overheat or become too cold.

Find out more

Contact us today to find out whether split system air conditioning is right the right option for your space and to discuss the best options for your needs.

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