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How The Sunshine Coast’s Weather Affects Your Air Conditioning

How the Sunshine Coast’s Weather Affects Your Air Conditioning

Your air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast is great to have when the summer heats up.

You know that high temperatures outside make it really nice to have a cooling system inside, but did you know that the weather can play a role in how your air conditioning operates?

When you need regular maintenance or you’re having a problem, you need Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Electrical.

We are here to help, including offering the following tips for making your air conditioner work for you, no matter what the weather outside is doing. 


Your Air Conditioner’s Performance


Your air conditioner is designed to keep your home cool when it’s hot outside, but the hotter it gets, the harder it has to work.

That means that when temperatures soar, your air conditioner might not work at its peak performance.

That’s because as it heats up, your cooling system has to work harder to keep the air inside your house at the set temperature.

If your system is older, it will also have to work harder to keep up and very high heat can actually cause your air conditioner to quit working altogether, especially if it’s not a new one. 


How Efficient Your Air Conditioner Is


Another way the outside weather affects your air conditioning is its efficiency.

As mentioned above, the hotter it gets outside, the more your air conditioner has to work to cool your home.

The harder your system is working, the more energy it’s using.

That means higher energy bills, but if you’re worried about being eco-friendly and lowering your carbon footprint, this might not align with your lifestyle goals.

An energy-efficient air conditioner is a great way to achieve this goal, while still regulating the temperature inside your house. 


It Can Damage the Unit


If you have an air conditioning unit located outside your house, the high heat can damage it just by making it work so hard to cool your home.

Other weather conditions can also damage the unit.

Hail can cause dents or break certain components, while high winds can damage the unit or cause tree branches to fall and damage it.

Lightning can damage the electrical parts of your air conditioner. A cover can help protect your unit in extreme weather. 


Do you have more questions about how to get the most out of air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast?

Contact us here at Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning and Electrical for all of the answers you’re looking for. 

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