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Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repairs ASAP

Signs That You Need Air Conditioning Repairs ASAP

As the winter starts coming to an end, and the first signs of spring appear, you might consider trying to start up your air conditioner and check that it is functioning properly for the months ahead.

During this time, you might notice some signs that make you wonder whether you need air conditioning repairs on the Sunshine Coast.

Comfort Solutions can explain some signs that indicate you need our help.

Leaking water

This is one of the most common symptoms of an air conditioner that requires repair, particularly when you started up after a long period of inaction.

You may notice water droplets forming on the AC unit or appearing close to it.

This is often a sign that your drain line has become clogged or damaged and needs to be replaced.

However, it can also be a sign that there is another problem that requires the help of our team.

Not producing cool air

This is perhaps the worst thing that can happen when you turn on your air conditioner after the winter.

Comfort Solutions know that this is a problem that can occur when the AC unit has been left for some time, or when there is a problem with the refrigerant.

We can offer you quick solutions to help you solve this problem in time for the hotter summer months.

Unpleasant smells

Another quite common problem is when there is a faint smell like an old wet sock. This is usually caused by high humidity which means that the AC unit cannot extract the moisture properly.

The water remains at the bottom of the unit, not draining and becoming more and more unpleasant smelling over time.

Rapid cycling

Also known as short cycling, this is where the AC unit turns itself off before the AC unit can reach the temperature required on your thermostat.

If it is turning itself on and off frequently, then this problem is often caused by issues with the unit itself, or by problems within the room.

It can certainly cost a lot of money and means that you need to call out our specialist team.

Get help with your system

Need assistance with air conditioning repairs on the Sunshine Coast?

If you are looking for our help then you need to speak to Comfort Solutions today.

Simply get in touch with us today online or call us directly on 0410 205 271 now.

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