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Air Conditioning Services Sunshine Coast

Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning Services for customers across the Sunshine Coast

Air conditioning installations require specialists who are familiar with split system or ducted air-conditioning systems. We will supply and install units to your specification, or install an air conditioner that you may have already purchased.

We supply and install the following major brands: Daikin – Fujitsu – Mitsubishi – Samsung – Toshiba

We provide installation, service and maintenance for the following:

  • Hi-Wall split Systems
  • Ducted Split Systems
  • Commercial Packages Units
  • Mechanical Ventilation Systems
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems (VRF)
  • Variable Air Volume (VAV)
  • Ceiling Cassette Systems Under Ceiling systems
  • Air handling/fancoil systems.
  • General ventilation fans
  • Roof mounted exhaust fans
  • Toilet exhaust fans
  • Roof ventilators
  • Car park exhaust fans
  • Supply air fans.
  • Smoke split and exhaust systems
  • Warehouse exhaust fans
  • Multi splits systems
  • Ducted systems
  • Split systems
  • Computer room air conditioning systems
Quality Brands

Comprehensive Air Conditioning Services

Annual maintenance of your system by our air conditioning experts can detect potential problems before these become an expensive and inconvenient emergency repair job.

Ongoing air conditioning maintenance can also prevent premature replacement of air conditioning units.  A well-maintained system runs more efficiently and assures peak cooling performance of your air-conditioner, which has the potential to save you money on your monthly electricity bills.

The Comfort Solutions Air Conditioning Maintenance Plan is designed to provide an efficient, clean and trouble free air conditioning system.

Our service includes a comprehensive diagnostic check-up and cleaning of your central air conditioning system.

Sunshine Coast AirCon Repairs

Indoor Component

Repair of Air Conditioning Indoor Unit

  • Inspect refrigerant lines for signs of leakage
  • Check and clean standard air filters over
  •  Check operating temperatures
  •  Check fan and air handler operation
  •  Check condensate drain and clean as necessary
  •  Check operational controls and thermostat

Outdoor Component

Fixing Air Conditioner Outdoor Unit

  •  Inspect refrigerant lines for signs of leakage
  •  Inspect and clean condenser coil as necessary
  •  Check condenser fan operation
  •  Check operation and condition of the compressor
  •  Check system voltage
  •  Check operating temperatures
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