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What Is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

What is Reverse Cycle Air Conditioning?

The Sunshine Coast is characterised by mild winters and dry summers, which often means that cooling air conditioning is only practical throughout the summer months of the year.

That’s why many property owners are now opting for reverse cycle air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast.

Simply put, reverse cycle air conditioning performs both cooling and heating functions in one device. It simultaneously cools down your home in the summer months and warms it up throughout the winter period.

Unlike other systems, it uses refrigerant gas to perform two functions whereas other systems use electricity. They also have an average lifespan of up to 15 years, which makes them a great long-term investment.

How does it work?

Reverse cycle air conditioning operates under the ‘heat exchange’ principle using a heat pump. This pump is vital to the function of reverse cycle air conditioning as it uses a refrigerant cycle to cool an environment, whilst also being able to reverse this cycle to disperse heat in winter. Here is how it performs both cycles:

The heating process – Refrigerant gas absorbs external heat. This then passes through an external coil and is compressed down into a condenser.

This compressing stage allows for the refrigerant gas to be heated up. This hot air is then dispelled by a fan which is circulated around the room. This air is soon re-absorbed, and the cycle is repeated.

The cooling process – During this process, the direction of refrigerant gas flow changes. The air conditioning system uses a fan to move warm air from inside your home and pump it outside. This automatically leads to a cooler environment.

Where is it most practical to install one?

Reverse cycle air conditioners are great installations in areas where the weather fluctuates throughout the year. We recommend installing them in rooms that are most affected by temperature changes, such as kitchens or living spaces.

That being said, there is a range of reverse cycle air conditioners available to choose from. Ducted reverse air conditioners and multi-unit reverse cycle conditioning allow you to benefit from this dual device across your home.

What are the advantages of reverse cycle air conditioning?

If its dual operative system wasn’t enough, reverse cycle conditioning has plenty of benefits too. This includes:


Reverse cycle air conditioning means that you don’t have to invest in multiple devices to heat/cool your home. Its ‘heat exchange’ principle means that it does not consume electricity in its efforts to function, as it sources its energy from the air.

These systems also transfer up to three times more heat than other devices from every unit of electricity that they rely upon.

Dehumidify air

As part of their function involves filtering air through a compressor and refrigerant, reverse cycle air conditioners dehumidify air and make it cleaner and healthier.

Increased space

Since it operates as one device, you will have more space in your home to carry out other projects.

Also, they don’t have any exposed elements which means that they are minimally intrusive and are safe for use in family-orientated environments.

At Comfort Solutions, we offer a wide range of air conditioning services. If you’re after reverse cycle air conditioning on the Sunshine Coast, then don’t hesitate to contact us by calling us today to discuss your needs.

We offer free, no-obligation quotes on all of our services!

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