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Samsung Review – Extended

Samsung Review – Extended

Recently we published ‘Which Air Conditioner Should I Choose?’, exploring the different types of air conditioners that we offer and their pros and cons. One of the air conditioner brands discussed was Samsung.

Samsung Air ConditionersSamsung is known for its high technology based products and their air conditioners are no exception. Amongst it’s competitors, Samsung is considered to be leading advancement in integrating their technology into cooling and heating systems. Having been in the business for quite some time, features like integrated WiFi, which allows users to control their air conditioners from an app on their phone, are pretty cool (if you’ll excuse the pun…).

Many first time buyers avoid Samsung air conditioners as they think they only focus on the technology side. This is definitely not the case.  Samsung is an exceptionally powerful cooling and heating giant and with its integrated technology, the units are quiet, efficient and suitable for any modern household.

A variety of units are available for purchase to suit different households and offer different power options to suit budget & room sizes.  The two main models which Samsung feature include the DVM S 4-Way Cassette which is an indoor unit and a their Boracay reverse cycle split system which is wall mounted. Both models come with the basic features of an air-conditioner (modified by Samsung – to provide better efficiency) along with Samsung technology installed. These are a premium product that will be sustainable for the future and will suit any current home today.

Although premium products come at some extra expense, Samsung offers a great alternative solution for your heating & cooling needs.

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