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Safe Social Distancing Tips During Air Conditioning Services

Safe Social Distancing Tips During Air Conditioning Services

In a difficult time, many homeowners are struggling to arrange normal repairs and maintenance for their home.

With COVID-19 still a risk, it is important that when you ask for air conditioning services to your Sunshine Coast home, you receive the very best care and discipline, which will include safe social distancing from the Comfort Solutions team.

To make sure that you understand more about this necessary step for our staff, here is some information about social distancing.

Why should we social distance?

The most common way to catch the Coronavirus is by inhaling droplets from coughs, sneezes or exhalations from someone who is less than 1.5 meters away from you.

By keeping this distance, both outside and when you are being visited for servicing, you can reduce the chances that you will be exposed to the disease.

Calculating a safe distance

When the team from Comfort Solutions come to your home, it will be necessary for you to apply a four-square metre rule for each person in the house. This means that you need to calculate the full area of the room, and then divide that by four.

The more people you have as guests in your house, the larger the room would need to be to accommodate everybody safely.

Accommodating service teams

When our service teams come to your home, you need to consider adjusting the layout of the room, so that we can keep at least 1.5 meters away from you at all points.

This might mean changing the angle of furniture or clearing a walkway to allow you to keep a safe distance.

Doing your best with what you have

It is not surprising that some people will not be able to accommodate a 1.5 metre distance in their homes, particularly when we are coming to service your air-conditioners.

If this is the case, you must consider what other control measures might be suitable for use in your home. This might involve using personal protective equipment for both yourself and our teams.

Talk to us about your needs

If you need air conditioning services for your Sunshine Coast home, then you should be speaking to Comfort Solutions about your options for social distancing when we come to visit.

Make contact with us today to talk about the situation by getting in touch with us online or by calling 0410 205 271 now.

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