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What Is Inverter Technology?

What is Inverter Technology?

The term ‘Inverter’ is now seen more and more when referring to the features of an Air Conditioner, so what does it mean exactly?

‘Inverter’ refers to a system that converts the incoming AC current to DC and then passes it through a modulator to produce a current of the desired frequency. A micro-controller samples ambient air temperature and adjusts the speed of the compressor accordingly to regulate temperature.

Traditional Air Conditioner motors have two speeds – going and stopped.  With Inverter technology, the inverter motor does not run at 100% capacity all the time and can be slowed, which provides an energy saving.

Inverter Air Conditioning Units run more quietly than traditional Air Conditioners as they do not need to run at full speed and do not stop and start like traditional Air Conditioning Units.

The motors and compressors of Inverter Air Conditioners do not run continuously at maximun, therefore the parts are under less stress and have a longer lifetime.

An Inverter Air Conditioner will also reach the required set temperature more quickly, due to the higher power at start up, but can then diminish power used once at the set comfort zone.

Whilst the upfront cost of an Inverter based Air Conditioning System can be more than that of a traditional unit, the operating costs and efficiencies in the long run make it a better choice.

For an independent guide to choosing the right Air Conditioner check out the excellent buying guide put together by Choice.

For advise and pricing on air conditioning systems here on the Sunshine Coast, please contact the team at Comfort Solutions

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