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Let Us Check Your Refrigerant

Let us check your refrigerant

The experienced technicians at Comfort Solutions provide a comprehensive maintenance check for your system.

One of our checks for older (and maybe not so old) systems is to ensure no loss of refrigerant in the system.

If your system is losing or has lost all of its refrigerant you will probably be experiencing some of the following conditions:

• Increasing Energy Bills – as the unit works harder to reach your comfort temperature
• Your unit is failing to blow the cool air it once did
• The unit is gurgling and or hissing

Air conditioning systems loose gas over time and checking your system is retaining its refrigerant will save you money in the long run.

Older units may also be running the R22 refrigerant which the Australian Government has agreed to phase out.

Contact us so we can arrange a time to check the refrigerant in your unit or to perform a maintenance check on your system.

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