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Can An Air Conditioner Run 24/7?

Can an Air Conditioner Run 24/7?

You can have your air conditioner on 24/7 for those hot and humid summers and even those colder winters – though it isn’t always recommended.

It is important that you properly maintain your air con system if you plan on having it running 24/7 to ensure your system’s longevity and correct operation.

Here we look at the effects of running your air conditioner on the Sunshine Coast constantly and also provide you with some tips for properly maintaining your AC.

The effects of running your AC system 24/7

Straining your system

Running your domestic air conditioner constantly is definitely going to strain it, regardless of the size or model of your unit.

Overuse of your unit can be detrimental to even the most efficient models. To ensure the longevity of your system, it is best to turn off the system when not needed and to only use the AC when necessary rather than allowing it to constantly run.

Increases energy consumption

Another difficulty with running your AC unit constantly is the increased energy consumption level for your home that is generated – and, increased energy consumption means increased costs.

If you run your air conditioning unit 24/7, you will definitely face an increased energy bill.

Some people attempt to balance this with the installation of solar panels to maximise energy regeneration during the summer months, but not everyone can afford to install solar panels, or it may not be a feasible option for your home.

With this in mind, here are some important tips for the maintenance of your AC system if you plan to run it 24/7.

Regular maintenance

Whether you have a ducted or split system AC, it is highly recommended by HVAC experts that you get an air conditioner service at least once a year to guarantee the efficiency of your unit.

This involves a check of your motor, ducts, vent and fan.

Keep the temperature controlled

Keeping the temperature of your AC unit under control can prevent the unit from working itself too hard and using up more energy than necessary.

It is recommended that you set the temperature to 24 degrees Celcius in order to prevent the overworking of your air conditioning system if you plan to keep it running all of the time.

Prepare for the increasing outdoor temperatures

A valuable tip is to make sure that you turn your air con on before the highest temperatures of the day, this again prevents your AC unit from overworking when trying to bring the temperature down.

If you wait until the room is extremely hot and stuffy before turning on your AC, the unit will have to work much harder to reduce the temperature of the space.

Get the correct unit size

Having the correct sized unit for your home is key to maintaining its efficiency and longevity.

It is best to ask the experts what size unit they would recommend for your conditions and space.

Here at Comfort Solutions, we are more than happy to provide regular air conditioner services on the Sunshine Coast as well as install new or more-appropriate sized units for your home.

If you would like to book and air conditioner service for your overworked air conditioning unit, please contact us at Comfort Solutions on the Sunshine Coast today.

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